Royal Soccer Academy
Salt Lake City, Utah


Royal Soccer Academy
Soccer Coaching Services for Utah Soccer Players

  • Fun and Professional Training Environment.
  • Training Sessions 60-90 min long. 
  • Repetition with correct technique to create Positive Habits in the game.
  • Agility Ladder, Hurdles, Agility Poles, Balls, Cones, Bibs and other soccer training equipment provided.
  • Licensed Coach, with experience in the game, and the ability to demonstrate and get involved with the players.
  • FULL Coaching Attention towards the player.
  • Individual Training - Small Groups - Team Training - U8 Academy 
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Royal Soccer Academy Reviews

Razzia Rebelz - U11

3 months ago I decided that I wanted to get extra training for my soccer teams. I got in contact with Coach Armin and it has been the best experience we have ever had! Between the 2 teams, I have 20 kids that all took his training for 10 weeks, 90 minute session per week. The level of improvement is unbelievable, just for 1 (of many) examples, they all started out juggling 3,4, or 5 times each. Now they are all consistently getting minimum of 20. This just goes to show that ball control has come a LONG way. We will be continuing training sessions through the winter and into spring with Coach Armin and I am extremely excited to see where these kids get in that time frame. Thank you Coach Armin!!!!!!!

Arsenal SC - U16

Armin has been a blessing to our team. He has been instrumental in bringing the level of our team up. Not only does he work on conditioning our players, he also adds a lot in individual skills and team play skills. I highly recommend him.

Personal Training with Lauren - U12

Armin has been great to work with my daughter. Her skills and footwork have improved in a short time, and she has been able to apply these beneficial abilities during her games. He works her hard, but is encouraging at the same time. Try it out!

Personal Training with Brooke - U15 and Amber - U13

Personalized to the individual. Armin makes soccer training fun but challenging. Creative style of coaching --variety of skills and drill layouts to keep my girls thinking and improving. My girls are quite happy with his training. It has helped my girls feel more confident in their team playing.

Royal Soccer Academy aims to provide young soccer players with beneficial training lessons, teaching them the Technical part of the soccer game, and HOW to do different skills in soccer.

Visit Royal Soccer Academy - Utah to find more information about soccer training for LOCAL players.

Teaching young aspiring soccer players How to Play Simple, Technical Style of Soccer.