Coach Armin Serdarevic

I have been Coaching young soccer players for the past 8 years. I have Coached Club Teams, Individuals, Small Groups, and Street Soccer style of training.

Players who train with me, can expect intense training sessions, mixed with 1000's of touches on the ball, agility exercises, speed training, and fitness improvement.

My story with the soccer ball starts as far back as I can remember.

I started playing and developing my passion for the sport on the streets of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) around the age of 5, followed by club soccer at age 7.

My older sister constantly made fun of me having the soccer ball at my feet, even before I could walk. She was 8 when I was born.

Growing up through the Civil War of Yugoslavia, soccer was there to take my mind off of horrible things happening around me on a daily basis.

I spent 6 years at FK Zeljeznicar, all while constantly playing street soccer, and other neighborhood soccer games with my friends.

Soccer gave me the opportunity to travel the world at a very young age. I traveled to Italy, Sweden, Slovakia and Germany for different tournaments while I was at FK Zeljeznicar.

Since moving to America back in 1999 I have been playing Indoor, Futsal, and Outdoor Soccer in local Utah leagues.

There is a lot of failed talent in the world, and I consider myself one of them. The worst part is when other people watch me play, and than tell me the same thing.

Kids nowadays have a lot more opportunity in this sport, as the game rapidly grows and establishes itself as part of a new American Soccer Culture.

Over the years I have learned many different skills, and gained more knowledge about the game.

I know, and understand the game.

I want to transfer my knowledge, passion and insight on to your young soccer star.

My philosophy on working with young soccer players is to develop positive soccer habits in the game and correct negative ones through hard work and dedication to this sport and the player.

I want to teach and educate young soccer players about playing the game with Flair, Technique and Competitive style of soccer.

After all, just like anything in life, soccer is something that needs Hours upon Hours to get GOOD AT, and Thousands of Hours to become GREAT AT.

Our Mission

Royal Soccer Academy Mission will be to promote and enhance the culture of soccer in the great outdoor State of Utah.

We will focus on individualized player developing, small groups, and small sided games.

RSA will dedicate the time to discover and reach true potential of each young player.

Our goal is to teach, train and develop skilled, conditioned and complete soccer players.

Our training will be based on the most important areas of every soccer player in the world.

  • Technical (how to do different soccer skills).
  • Practical applications in the game.
  • Player Conditioning (agility, speed and fitness).
  • Mental preparedness.
  • Creativity on the field.
  • Professional and Serious training sessions.

Royal Soccer Academy will aim to provide an environment where young soccer players from diverse backgrounds are guided and inspired to reach their full potential, both on and off the field.

Royal Mission will be to provide an atmosphere where youth soccer players can learn the importance of teamwork, determination, persistence, hard work and physical fitness as they grow into teenagers and young adults.


Royal Academy will encourage players to master the soccer ball, and get familiar with the ball using both feet.

Our Mission is to develop and enhance the creative and technical part of the players game, by encouraging positive habits during training.

Players will learn how to play creative and technical soccer, with encouragement to use different parts of BOTH feet to control and dribble the soccer ball.

We will make it OUR Royal Mission to teach every young soccer player the proper body form and technique when running with or without the soccer ball. 

As an Academy, we will strive to bring out good play and creativity from the players on the field.

Every mistake will be met with positive attitude and correction through demonstration.

Royal Soccer Academy will allow players to actually see the exercise, demonstrated by the Coach, making it easier for children to learn different skills through visual presentation.

Royal Soccer Academy will strive to employ great Coaches that have been around this game, and are able to demonstrate, educate, and play with our young soccer generation.

Coaches role will be to actively engage, challenge, and inspire young athletes to reach their highest level in this sport.

Our Mission is to guide and teach players how to think ahead, and know what to do with the soccer ball, before it gets to their feet, while being technically skilled to control the ball and be creative with it.

Royal Academy will teach players not to chase after the soccer ball, but instead be in the right place and at the right time, not too early and not too late.

Player Expectations

Royal Soccer Academy Expectations for players are very simple.

Royal Academy will provide a professional soccer training atmosphere, and work with players that are passionate about soccer and willing to listen and learn.

Every young soccer player will be able to learn a lot about this sport, but only if the player applies himself and is willing to learn and become better at this game.

This will be done through repetition, using the correct technique and Coaches own involvement in demonstrating everything for the players, while correcting any negative habits.

Every player is expected to wear appropriate soccer attire and shoes/cleats.

Royal Academy will provide all the necessary training equipment to make the training session run smooth and effective.

Every player is expected to simply show up willing to learn and ready to participate in all the soccer exercises.

Parent Expectations

Parents are welcome to stay and watch the training session, however interruptions will not be tolerated.

Any concern should be brought to Coaches attention in a private and calm manner.

Respect shown will be returned in the same manner.

I have been approached on several occasions by parents complimenting Royal Soccer Academy style of Coaching, especially Coaches involvement with the kids to spark a whole new interest in this sport.

Play Simple,

Technical Style of Soccer.